If you find something useful here, free free to share and ⭐️ the repo. Also, if you feel I am missing interesting things, put it on the issues and I’ll definitely try it out.

💻 Hardware

I currently use an M1 MacBook Air. 8-Core 8GB RAM version. It’s crazy fast and power efficient. With my frontend development workflow it gives me about 1.5 days to 2 days.

🌚 Dark or 🌞 Light?

I have joined the light side. I gave the dark side a bunch of tries but it hurts my eyes. All the themes and color schemes I have mentioned are light.

✍️ Font

I have gotten into the habit of using the same font across all my tools. My current favourite is Julia Mono.

👨‍💻 Code Editor


I have switched over to WebStorm from VS Code. Even though it’s on the heavier side and slightly slower than VS Code, I find the intellisense in WebStorm to be far superior. I do use VS Code sometimes when I need to open one off files or quickly iterate on a demo or write blog posts.



VS Code is my secondary code editor for light work and one off things.


Let me know if you want to know the plugins I use and I’ll put it on a gist and embed it here.

📺 Terminal Emulator & Shell


There isn’t a better terminal than iTerm2. It’s simply the best.



Spend a lot of time here so this configuration is dear to me. My goal is to have maximum flexibility while not losing performance. Shell load times should not be more than 0.2s for me. Beyond that it starts to feel laggy.


🌎 Browsers

I have all the popular browsers installed but I regularly use Microsoft Edge on both my Mac and my Android phone. It feels fast and smooth. I haven’t had any memory issues with it like I sometimes used to get with Google Chrome.

🔐 Password Manager & Authenticator

Bitwarden: The free version is extremely good already. I am a pro, unlimited Enpass user but I settled to Bitwarden.

Authy: Authy as the TOTP or 2FA Authenticator App. Primary reason is that it syncs across devices and has a desktop app too.

✉️ Mail

Mimestream: A native macOS email client for Gmail

🪟 Window Management

Magnet: The best. Works with both keyboard and mouse/trackpad.

🏃 Productivity

⚙️ Dev Tools

🔉 Audio & Video

🌅 Images

💬 Communication

⺟ Others