VueJS + Webpack + SCSS - Quick Tip

The Setup

The Problem

As a project grows, we'll create many many components at different levels. Say we have a global set of SCSS variables that we might need to reference in our .vue single file components.

Lets say, those variables are located at src/_variables.scss and the file looks like this.


$brand-primary : #bada55;
$brand-secondary: #666666;

The Basic Solution

Since we are great at relative paths, we would go to say src/components/Hello.vue and import the variables like so.

@import "../scss/variables";

or if we want the variables in src/components/admin/Dashboard.vue we would import it like...

@import "../../scss/variables";

and then we can refer to $brand-primary in our components. That works!

The Better Solution

The problem with the above approach is evident.

We can easily fix this by using Webpack Aliases. What we are essentially doing there is that we are creating a special word for webpack to recognize and resolve that to a path of our choice.

So we go to webpack.base.conf.js and look for alias. We add an entry for our src/scss directory as follows.

alias: {
'$scss': resolve('src/scss')

Now, we can go back to src/components/Home.vue and change the import statement to

@import "~$scss/variables";

and guess what? The same path works for src/components/admin/Dashboard.vue. No long relative paths anymore.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading!