Talks That Impress

I am organizing a CodePen Meetup in India for the first time ever and it's a big deal for me. Not just because CodePen is big and people know it for it's quality, but also because of the care I am required to take in all aspects of the event. Most importantly the talks.

It's up to a speaker how they roll the talk and make it an enjoyable and a learning experience for the audience. Make them feel comfortable and break the ice as soon as possible. The crucial part is leaving the "Aww! that was amazing!" mark on everyone.

So while gearing up with the event speakers and thinking how the talks should be for CodePen Hyderabad, I tried to look at some of the talks that left me with the wow feeling and clearly a pattern emerged. This pen below sums it up.

See the Pen How I like to think of Tech Talks by Praveen Puglia (@praveenpuglia) on CodePen.