People I Learn From

The world of web development is wild. Every day there are literally tons of new things to learn. I feel exhausted time to time and it's really important for one to remain inspired. I like it when I look at work done by people and wonder wide eyed - How the heck is this done?. That inspires me.

Following people on Internet has been the key for me to learn new things and experiment with latest and greatest stuff. It's also been a great source of knowledge of future tech. It gave me the opportunity to talk to them time to time and even meet them. Here's a short list of people I follow for their amazing work & everyday tips.

Lea Verou

Following her on twitter did a lot of good to me. She writes about everything in web development world. I often find that the tips she posts laer become some of the real good tools/techniques I ever used.

Ana Tudor

Wanna learn CSS/SASS and awesome animations? Follow her. She does amazing live coding sessions on CodePen. That's the fastest way I have found out to learn bunch of new things.

Rachel Smith

When I started learning canvas( pretty late and still don't know a ton) and looked for some of the coolest stuff on codepen... I found her. Her Hack Physics & JavaScript - 1 really helped me in understanding canvas and physics together.

Addy Osmani

Every time I come to know about a new feature in Chrome Dev Tools, it's because of him. Following Addy has been amazing for me to know about tooling and performance testing. He also has this YouTube Series dedicated to tooling which is cool!

Chris Coyier & CSS-Tricks

I don't think Chris needs any introduction. He is one of the most popular folks out there. I have been following Chris & CSS-Tricks since I learned what is box model in CSS. They are like StackOverflow for CSS for me.

Una Kravets

I came to know about her a year ago or so. I was totally wowed by her personal goals repository and the projects she worked upon. Whatever knowledge I have about CSS blending modes, I owe it to her.

They are my major source of stuff I work with and care about. I do follow a lot of others who are really amazing. Their work makes me think and rethink and always make me realize that there's more to learn and better ways of solving problems.

P.S. - You can look at the list of people I follow on twitter for more. Once you start following some of them, twitter's suggestion will help you a lot.