Design Story - Independence Day Cover Photo

Let's have a look at it first.

Independence Day - Cover Photo

Yeah! This is what I came up with when I had to put together myself, India and the Independence Day.

Essentially there were couple of thoughts going on when I fired up Photoshop and had a blank document of size **851 X 315. **I told myself - I am gonna make something today that...

I tried couple of things like **simple gradients, full-width solid colors **and even **simple square tiles **but none of them really made me happy.

After spending "a lot" of time on the shapes, I settled down to the one above. I wanted two squares and one circle to represent the Indian flag at it's bare minimum!

Then I had to choose the right colors. I needed the perfect colors for those small shapes on my layers window. So I fired up google and did an image search - "indian flag". Then, I chose some of the best photos out there to analyze the colors used in them. The following colors looked best on a flat white background.


I was about to save the psd file and export as a .jpeg but it occurred to me that I should put the number of years of independence. Yet again, the color was really important. It should have been mild but sharp on a white background. I chose

#666666 as my text color.

There it was. I got what I needed. Minimal - Unique - Indian. :)

Show your love by making it your cover photo or use the cropped version below for instagram. Let me know what you thought in the comments below. Jai Hind!

Indian Independence Day