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Who Are You ?

I am Praveen, a Web Developer from India. I spend my time writing CSS, JavaScript and HTML that looks cool, performs better.

Where Do You Work ?

I work with amazing folks at Imaginea Technologies Inc. We do lot’s of Open Source work, like KodeBeagle or uvCharts. You should definitely check them out.

What Do You Love To Do ?

My recent love would be swimming. It’s great in fact. Calms the heck down. I love spending time reading and exploring stuff about the Cosmos, Interstellar Space and Astronomy. (You may get bored by my science-everywhere-syndrome ;))

I also love to walk, long walks especially. They help me get insights on myself and my decisions.

Music. Instrumentals.

Functional Programming. JavaScript. CSS Animations.

What Are You Interested In ?

Space. Physics. Language. Typography. Geometry. Minimalism. Design :)

What’s Your Philosophy ?

Everything has patterns. You just need right tools and willingness to identify them.

If you are spending way more effort than you think it should require, you should start over.

Where Can I Find You ?